Presenting an integrated teaching and learning platform that unlocks collective engagement
Our products: Honor Create for educators

Your vision, enhanced.

Great education is all about great teaching, and teaching digitally should be no different. User-friendly tools enable you to build digital experiences that embody your intentions. The Honor Create app improves courses for in-person, online, and hybrid spaces.
Actionable insights

Our robust back-end analytics track a deeper kind of engagement that helps you monitor progress, support equity in the classroom, and make mid-course adjustments based on real-time class responses. You gain insights that would otherwise be invisible with in-person instruction.

Dynamic commentary

Honor Create maximizes learning possibilities by activating otherwise static content. Directly interject your voice at any time, at any point precisely within your material to maximize impact and deepen comprehension. With our tools, the often ignored asynchronous experience is brought to life.

Our products: Honor Learn for learners

Connected learning, always and everywhere

We extend education by turning each course into an engaged community of learning that doesn’t stop when a live class ends. A mobile-first design invites more active and relevant connections anytime throughout the day.
Shared exploration

On Honor Learn, coursework comes to life with reactions, shared annotations, and dynamic notes that replace static bookmarks. Our tools invite you to learn collectively with your peers, even asynchronously, leading to deeper understanding and camaraderie.

Imagine when every response contributes to a blended learning environment full of colorful discovery…

Skills for life
Preparation for the job is important, but so is long term preparation for your career and life. Our tools help identify and enhance the skills essential to long-term success in both companies and communities: self-awareness, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, time management, collaboration, empathy, and conflict resolution.
Our products: The Honor Education Suite for institutions

Honor Education enables your college or university to scale the impact of your educators.

Honor for your educators
Honor Education enables your college or university to scale the impact of your educators. Our products work across any discipline or subject, can integrate with almost every teaching material, and our intuitive design empowers instructors to create a complete course in just hours.
Honor for your students
Our mobile-first design for learning enables your institution to accommodate the needs of more students. Since we use the same platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning under a per-student pricing model, you can economically extend enrollment.
Honor for your institution

With the Honor suite, students aren’t just connected to their current courses, they’re connected to your entire learning community. The Honor Learn app can be set up to deliver department updates, speaker series, and special resources right to learners’ mobile devices.

Our platform’s white labeling capabilities ensure that your unique branding is at the core of the experience for educators and learners at your institution.

Our products: The Honor Education Suite for businesses

Honor Education enables businesses to develop, deploy, and deliver collective engagement at scale.

The Honor Education suite introduces collective engagement as a means to deepen comprehension and learning around company-specific needs. We believe that enhancing and augmenting the fundamental dynamic interplay between peers and across management levels leads to transformational learning.
Maximize engagement
with real-time communication
Updates and new content are delivered right to your team’s mobile devices, with flexible configurations that can be distributed in a multitude of ways. This helps your business, leadership, and management align on what who needs to know and when.
Attach learning to business metrics
with advanced analytics
With our analytics, you can quickly understand what is being engaged with and how it is being understood. In addition to the standard learning metric capabilities, we integrate the metrics that you already measure to evaluate your business. Now your content and messaging are connected to your goals and driven by business metrics in real time.
Improve visibility
with multi-stream messaging
Weaving together messaging from all levels delivers better visibility into your organization, so you know what is resonating and where to improve. These insights help craft, hone, and improve company communication to be more impactful over time.
Build brand credibility
with white labeling
The authenticity of your message is most powerful to your employees when it comes from you. We white label our products to mirror your company’s brand by using logos, key words, and insider-only cultural signals.
Our equitable approach

Equity is deeply embedded in our platform

A mobile-first design that broadens access
Seamless transitions between devices open access to more learning opportunities, whether commuting to and from a job, managing childcare, or on work breaks. We maximize convenience for education opportunities to happen anytime.
High fidelity analytics that support actionable insights
Our back-end analytics track deeper engagement that allows educators to monitor and measure progress, support equitable learning in classrooms, and provide interventions at precisely the right time.
Shared exploration that deepens belonging
Learners don’t simply bookmark interesting material on our platform, they save it dynamically and are invited to join their peers towards deeper, defined understanding. Learners create a collective space that strengthens connection and empathy.
Research-driven design
The decisions we make on our platform are grounded in equity research, and we are committed to advancing this research moving forward. Our partnership with Equity Accelerator, the leader in researched equity-based solutions, ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of identifying opportunities for equitable interventions in and out of our platform.

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