Honor Education is an integrated teaching and learning platform. Our mission is to create and scale transformational education through collective engagement.

Our difference

We start with teachers, where learning begins

Great education is all about great teaching, and teaching digitally should be no different. We empower instructors to build digital experiences that embody their intentions. Our instructor suite improves courses for in-person, online, and hybrid spaces.

We create connected engagement, not independent pathways

Hyper-customized learning often leads to isolated learning pathways. We build learning communities — whether in-person, virtual, teacher-led or student co-created. We believe human connections, collective engagements, and camaraderie drive exploration and insight.

We enable belonging and equal voice to expand equity

True equity goes beyond access and affordability; it’s building an experience where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas that matters. We give instructors a range of engagement-tracking tools to help them monitor and support equity of interaction within both the physical and online classroom.

We activate content, instead of just delivering it

Our tools bring otherwise static content to life. By reacting to, engaging with, and contextualizing all content, both teacher and student deepen knowledge and improve understanding.

We create skills for life, not just for the next job

We go beyond job training, nurturing the skills students need to be successful in both companies and communities: self-awareness, critical thinking, creative problem solving, time management, collaboration, empathy, and conflict resolution.
Our team
Our team complements deep experience in higher education and corporate learning with wide expertise in understanding community and technology.
Joel Podolny, CEO
Prior to starting Honor Education, Joel was a Vice President at Apple and the founding Dean of Apple University, where he oversaw learning in areas such as leadership, management, and company culture. Before that, Joel served as Dean and Professor of Management at the Yale School of Management. He previously held professorships at the Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Pooja Brown, CTO
SVP at StitchFix and VP at DocuSign from startup to IPO
Steve Guttman, CCO
25 years at Apple in various positions across multiple departments and founding member of Apple University
Steve LaBella, CSO
VP and first marketing executive at Snap, from pre to post IPO
Shadee Barkan, CPO
Chief Partnership Officer at Trilogy from startup to acquisition, SVP at 2U
Ryan Richardson, SVP Corporate Learning
Founder of L&D company building international programs for Linkedin, Atlassian, and Walmart
Our home office is in San Francisco, but our hybrid team works from over a dozen cities in four countries.

We envision a world in which all people, regardless of their circumstance, have access to a learning environment that fosters creative and critical thinking, community, and citizenry.

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